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At Acquire New Ventures, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services and personalized solutions for institutional clients and high net-worth individuals seeking to navigate the world of crypto trading. With our Acquire OTC Desk, we offer a premium and discreet over-the-counter (OTC) service that allows traders to execute large orders with ease and confidence.
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We are thrilled to announce the strategic partnership between Acquire New Ventures and Acquire.Fi. This collaboration brings together two innovative forces, combining Acquire New Ventures' expertise with Acquire.Fi's specialized capabilities, networking and operational assistance".
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How Acquire can help you?

At Acquire New Ventures, we are passionate about empowering our clients in the world of crypto trading. Our dedication to worry-free liquidity, world-class service, cutting-edge technology, and personalized solutions sets us apart. Join us and experience the Acquire OTC Desk advantage as we navigate the exciting world of cryptocurrencies together.

Worry-Free Liquidity:

With Acquire OTC Desk, we prioritize worry-free liquidity for our clients. We provide a single quote for orders ranging from $100,000 to $1 million (and higher on a case-by-case basis), guaranteeing that clients receive their entire lot at the exact price quoted before executing the trade. This transparency and reliability instill confidence, allowing our clients to trade with peace of mind.

World-Class Service:

Building lasting relationships with our clients is at the core of our philosophy. Our team of professional and experienced experts is dedicated to delivering world-class service. We are available around the clock, seven days a week, via email, chat, or phone to provide assistance whenever it is needed. Our commitment to exceptional service ensures that our clients receive the support they require at every step of their trading journey.

Automated RFQ:

The Acquire OTC Desk offers an automated Request-for-Quote (RFQ) feature through our OTC Portal. Clients can request live trade quotes, execute orders, and settle instantly using this self-service system. The OTC Portal provides customized price charts based on clients' trading habits, position exposure information, recent transactions, and OTC trading history. It empowers our clients with valuable insights to make informed trading decisions.

Dedicated 1-1 Service:

We believe in the power of personalization. Our dedicated 1-1 service ensures that each client receives individual attention and tailored solutions. We strive to exceed expectations and establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique needs, enabling us to deliver the highest level of service and support.

Global 24/7/365 Access:

In the fast-paced crypto market, accessibility is crucial. Our team of experienced traders is strategically located around the globe, allowing us to offer global 24/7/365 access. Regardless of your time zone, our experts are available to provide assistance and guidance whenever it is required. We understand the importance of timely support in the dynamic world of crypto trading.

Settlement Flexibility:

Acquire OTC Desk provides flexible settlement options to ensure seamless and efficient trading processes. Trade obligations must be settled within 24 hours, and clients have the flexibility to settle trades using their Kraken account, their bank, or an external wallet of their choice. Our settlement arrangements cater to the diverse needs of our clients, empowering them to choose the most convenient method for settling their trades.

Meet our team

Jan Strandberg
Former Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder of YIELD App, which reached $500 million of managed assets within six months of public launch. As former Head of Marketing at Paxful, Jan oversaw the growth of the customer base to more than 4.5 million and annual revenue to over $2 billion.
Harrison Frye
Seasoned professional in the fields of e-commerce, blockchain, and crypto payments. Founder of ProfitCommerce, a consultancy firm specializing in crypto marketing. Headed up the growth and exposure planning for a DeFi insurance protocol.
Marina Danylyuk
14+ years of professional experience in commercial, corporate, and criminal law. 7+ years working with fintech and blockchain companies. Chief Legal Officer at Travolier, International Liaison of the Hong Kong Blockchain Society, and Legal advisor at the Swiss Blockchain Legal.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What do merger and acquisition services companies do?
Many companies identify targets or partners and execute merger and acquisition transactions. Others focus entirely on developing supportive financing for M&A transactions or building a global network of connections and brokering deals.

At The CEO’s Right Hand, we partner with you through the entire process, serving as your strategic advisor. We identify and address issues, communicate with internal and external stakeholders, and manage the transaction’s business, diligence, and financial aspects.
What is the merger and acquisition process?
Before engaging in a merger and acquisition, taking stock of your company’s strengths and weaknesses is vital. What would make you a good acquisition target or potential partner for another company? And what steps do you need to take to make your business more attractive and prepare for a prospective corporate transaction? For example, it might be necessary to raise capital before you can pursue a merger and acquisition.

Once you believe you are ready, including identifying clear objectives and pulling together the necessary plans and diligence materials, the next step is to work with an advisory to develop a list of targets and arrange meetings.

Finally, a wide range of tasks must occur when you find a match for your company. Mergers and acquisitions involve negotiations, legal arrangements, restructuring, and the tactical activities involved in merging operations. It is a complex process that requires significant expertise. Therefore, previous experience is invaluable.
How much do merger and acquisition services cost?
Merger and acquisition fees can vary greatly depending on your level of readiness and the type of arrangement you wish to pursue. At The CEO’s Right Hand, we typically assign a fractional CFO to this task that has experience in your industry, specializes in mergers and acquisitions, and has previously led organizations through the process. Such specialized knowledge typically comes at a premium but makes the process much more manageable. We welcome you to submit an inquiry to discuss whether we might be a fit for your needs.
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